Reserve Early – Limited Daily Attendance

Tickets and Dates

Claus Festival and SunLife Farm adhere to the county event ordinance and requirements. We recommend pre-purchasing tickets to the festival, since daily attendance is limited. If you know the date you would like to attend Claus Festival, buy for that specific day. If not, you can pay a couple of bucks more and purchase a Polar Express Pass Flex Ticket Family activity passports can be purchased closer to the date or at the Event Check In. Purchasing tickets for admission now is advisable given survey feedback. We will do our best to communicate and do not want anyone to miss out on attending Claus Festival.

Claus Festival Early Reserve Tickets

Festival Only

Polar Express Pass

General Admission – Flex Day
(A couple of  bucks more, but allows you to attend on any one of the six days)

$9 Adults (16+)
$7 Children (3+)

Bootah's Claus Festival

General Admission – Early Purchase Must pick the date attending
$7 Adults (16+)
$5 Children (3+)

Parking Donation– Parking is FREE, however please consider a $3 donation at checkout. Donations are spread out over each weekend to various non-profit programs such as FFA and 4H.

General admission covers the following: 

  • Visit Mrs. Claus at Claus House
  • Walking Paths and Wonderland Trails
  • Bootahville Village and Artisan Shops
  • Running of the Bees and Bears (Daily, 3x per weekend)
  • Post Office and Claus Mailstop Delivery Stations
  • Bee in our Movie

Run for the Honey
Race Series

14 Events Over Three Weekends

Run for the Honey Series
5 Events - 3 Weekends

Premier running events from individual to team relay races. fun for all!
(Coming Soon)

Entries Benefit Local Charity Cause

Sponsored by:
Bears and Bees Run
All Dates / Times

Fun for the young ones as they run down Dasher’s Canyon while fleeing Bears and Bees.

Free Race Entry
Donation suggested
for Food Cause

Sponsored by:

Claus Festival Family Activity Passport


Family Passport
Increments of $10 and $20

Purchasing a Family Activity Passport is an easy and time saving way to enjoy other activities within Claus Festival.  It can be used for the following:

  • Red Rider BeeBee Gun Range
  • Home Alone Ice Fishing
  • Hot Hive Drink (Coffee/Cocoa or Tea.)
  • Claus Cookies
  • Ring the Reindeer
  • Pony Rides
  • Polar Plunge

The Family Passport can NOT be used for food court, artisan purchases, petting zoo, running races.

Tip Tokens for Charity

Tidings for Charitable Causes

Bootah’s Claus Festival has aligned with tri-county non-profit organizations with a primary focus on food, farming, educational programs, shelter and health.

If you’d like to tip any mascot, choir, caroling group, park attendant or other support team, drop your Token in their Tip Boot. They turn in their Tokens to Claus Festival for payment. Tokens can be purchased online for will call pickup, or directly at the event. Claus Festival will redeem Tip Tokens received with check payments to the organizations. Thank you for supporting.

You can purchase actual Tip Tokens when you check in at the event with tickets for your wristband.