Red Riders Diner - BuzzBee’s Hot Hive - Feliz Navi Dawgs

New Celebration Traditions for Holiday Feasts & Eats

Over generations, the holidays have provided us with entertaining films that withstand the test of time.  Claus Festival commemorates some of those classics on our once a year menu.  Taste the Christmas spirit!

Red Riders Diner

Holiday shopping or trekking making you hungry? Visit the Red Rider Diner. Not to be confused with A Christmas Story’s Red Ryder BB gun, you won’t shoot your eye out! Home of locally raised, specially decked out beef burger Burger Meister Meister Burgers, Grinched Cheese Sandwiches and Red Rider Soups and Chili by the cup, this is a once a year only experience you’ll look forward to each year.

BuzzBee’s Hot Hive

Named for the one and only Tango BuzzBee puppy, BuzzBee’s Hot Hive has a place in Bootahville and a satellite location atop the Pacific North Pole. Stay warm inside with a hot cocoa complete with snowflakes, coffee, cider or tea with our very own Bootahbee honey.

Feliz NaviDawgs

It doesn’t get any better than this! Feliz Navi Dawgs sled dogs are sure to be an annual favorite in hot dog land. Choose from a variety of sledders that are out of this world! And by special request of Kim Daniels of the Prineville Chamber of Commerce, the Dawgs will serve up YuCorn Dognelius’ Christmas favorite corn dogs.
How do you like them puppies!