Second Home to Santa Claus

The Pacific North Pole

From the village, visitors can take the hike through wonderland up to the Pacific North Pole. Santa brings his family here to work on toys that he’s able to refill his sleigh from on Christmas Eve. (Streamlined logistics) We provide alternative transportation up if unable to hike the distance.

Santa’s Workshop

Hike to the Top

Ready to trek? Behind Bootahville at the Wonderland Trail by the general store basecamp, grab a Bootahbee backpack, water and nuts before following your polar bear guide to Santa’s Workshop atop the big hill in the sky. On your way to the Pacific North Pole, enjoy photo op interactives and warming rest areas as you go. Visit Santa’s Workshop, gaze in the windows as he and his elves prepare toys for all good girls and boys. From there, just 100 more feet to the top and the Post Office letter-to-Santa drop! Enjoy a beautiful view and a BuzzBee Hot Hive drink before the next trail hike back. FREE with Entry.

Postal Service

Letters to Santa (and Elves) Accepted Here

Big kids and small can write a letter in the Bootahville letter center, before dropping it at the Post Office of the Pacific North Pole, just after visiting Santa’s Workshop.  You might even see the postal clerk, Claus Festival’s one and only Kilted Postmaster!  He has the best job in the world, delivering mail to the Workshop to fill the wishes on every child’s list.  And – he even works on Sunday!  FREE with Entry.

The Claus Haus

Tiny Tots Shorter Hike

Little legs might not be ready for the big trek to Santa’s Workshop.  So take a stroll or stroller up Little Wonderland Trail to Claus House!  Drop a letter for Santa at Claus Mailstop, and enjoy views of Sisters Mountains in the distance.  Enjoy a photo op by the porch.  You might even hear a story, rest by the deck, or visit critters nearby in the Petting Zoo!  Claus House is FREE with Entry.  Petting Zoo weather permitting with a small fee.

BuzzBee’s Hot Hive #2

Warm Up - Take in the View

BuzzBee is the middle name of SunLife Farm’s dog Tango.  As a puppy, he often tried to catch and eat bees! BuzzBee’s Hot Hive is where you’ll find warm drinks including hot cocoa with snowflakes, coffee and tea to warm up before your trek back to Bootahville.  Take refuge by a heating post while enjoying panoramic views to the north, east, south and west, and the farm lands of the valley below. ($2) Buck Cup.  

Great Views From The Top!