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Dogs are welcome on trails, but must be on-leash, approachable and under supervision. Dogs will not be able to enter Bootahville Village due to crowds and tight spots.

Motorized transport will be available from Parking to Festival Entry, as needed and available to the Pacific north Pole, and in case of medical or physical limitations.

Wonderland Trail up to Santa’s workshop meanders on an incline, traversing back and forth as it increases altitude toward the top. The trail is not overly steep but it is a steady incline. If anyone feels short of breath or experiences physical concerns on the way up, notifying your trail guide will radio Transport to come and help.

Except for medical dietary needs or toddler food, please do not bring outside food and drink to the festival grounds. 

Bootah’s Claus Festival is subject to county requirements and has a capacity limit for each event day, so pre-purchasing is advised. If you are unable to pre-purchase, you are welcome to call ahead the day before the event day you would like to attend, to inquire whether that particular day is sold out.