Claus Festival is Going AR!

Year Round Connection to Claus Festival 2021


Imagine…You are trekking your way up to the Pacific North Pole to see Santa’s workshop.  Along the way, you rest for a minute, point and click your mobile camera.  It’s a photo op with the Abominable Snowman! Are those Polar Bears by your side?  Or…could it be a cool Bootah message or coupon from a Bootah’s Claus Festival Sponsor or Artisan Vendor?

Enjoy for yourself or capture the moment and send to friends and family.  Your experience at Bootah’s Claus Festival is reality augmented.

Claus Festival is integrating Augmented Reality so you can Point -> Shoot -> Save every part of the festival and receive special offers throughout the year.  Receive updates via your mobile app, which you can click and view as you prefer onsite or all year round!