Bootah’s Pacific North Pole

Activities for the Whole Family!

The Claus House

Legs too small for the Wonderland Trail? Tiny tots can trek up the hill on Little Wonderland Trail to see Mrs. Claus at Claus House. Stories, cookies and photo ops await. FREE with Entry

Santa’s Workshop

Take the big trek way up to the Pacific North Pole via Wonderland Trail. See the workshop, Santa and his elves, drop your letter at Santa’s Post Office. FREE with Entry

Red Rider Range

Don’t shoot your eye out, take your best shots at the BeeBee gun fun range. Shoot for Beez-Eyes and let ‘em know you came for Bart the Bee Bandit! ($5)

Ice Home Alone

Ice fishing at its best. Step in alone, return with a feast of a catch! ($5)

Pacific North Corn Hole

Not your average corn hole game. A competitive test of accuracy to throw ice berg bags as the spinning wheel commands. Keep score and hit the target or you’re out. FREE with Entry

Letters to the Claus’

Stop by and write your letter to Santa or Mrs. Claus. Take it with you and drop off at Claus Mailstop on your trek to Claus House or the Post Office atop Wonderland Trail. FREE with Entry.

Create a Wonderland

Bring historic, non-used or new decorations and plan your family’s decorating party along the Wonderland Trail to the Pacific North Pole. Stake the tree with your family name. FREE with Entry.


Bee in Our Movie!

Beecause Queen Bootah and Claus Festival buzz with excitement over the holidays, we’re shooting a short! Bee a part of the film. FREE with Entry. Participation optional.


Postal Offices

Drop letters for Santa at the location of your choice: Claus Mailstop by Claus House at Little Wonderland Trail, or at the Post Office of the Pacific North Pole, home of the one and only Kilted Postmaster! FREE with Entry.


Enjoy live music, visiting choirs, carolers and some good ol’ fashioned Merryoake. Located at the Main Stage in Bootahville. FREE with Entry.

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Running for Honey

Run for the Honey is a three-weekend festival racing series with premiere races each Saturday. Individual and relay teams can run to compete or for fun on 1 to 3 mile courses. Entry Fee for charitable organization.

Bees and Bears Run

No bulls here! Just little kids running from the Bees and Bear. Two times daily at 12 Noon and 2:30pm. FREE with Entry.

Other Activities

Find other activities peppered along the grounds as you wander through or near Bootahville, or outside the village along the Wonderland Trail. 

  • Hot Shoes – Throw a shoe through the ring of fire. Surprise Christmas gifts for ringers! 2 Tosses ($1)
  • Beeverly Hills 97754 - A mini tour of the Bootahville BeeBurbs. Photo Op at the Beeverly Hills sign! FREE w/ Entry
  • Hike the Farm - Over 5 miles of hiking trails are available during non race times of day. Dogs on leashes okay. FREE w/ Entry
  • Noodle on the Wall - Time to art up! Kids will have fun. FREE w/ Entry
  • Ring the Reindeer - An elf favorite at break time. Toss rings on the reindeer antlers for fun and surprise gifts. 3 tosses ($2)